Frequently asked questions about mattresses with GELTEX® inside

Why mattresses with GELTEX® inside do not need padding materials?

Padding materials generally help regulate body temperature, a functionality that is perfectly ensured by GELTEX®, a breathable open pore material with ideal climate regulation properties. In addition, the absence of padding considerably increases sleeping comfort, as any additional layer would reduce the performance of the core. Doing without the padding thus ensures optimum core function and sleeping comfort, and enhances the ergonomic properties of the mattress.

The mattresses can't be turned over. Isn't that an important factor that prolongs the life of a mattress?

Our use of an asymmetrical construction allows us to concentrate on an ergonomically perfect structural concept - a rigid base on top of which is the supportive inner core and followed by the pressure relieving upper layer of the core.
As we use only superior quality materials, the serviceable life is not limited by one-sided use. 


How does the Satisfaction Guarantee work?

Whenever you purchase a product with GELTEX® inside, your body and soul must first accustom themselves to a new situation.

- You may find the reclining comfort a little unusual for a while.

- Following a period of acclimatisation, your body will enjoy the new reclining comfort.

- We therefore recommend that you test the products for 30 days before questioning your purchasing decision.

- After all, you can look forward to many years of satisfaction with products with GELTEX® inside.

- The precise terms and conditions of the Satisfaction Guarantee may be found here!