What is good sleep?

We don't know when and how long you sleep.

We don't know what you dream about.

And we don't know anything about your body mass index, either.

And we certainly don't know what kind of sleeper you are.

But that's really all your business.

What we do know is what matters: 

End consumers consider the following properties to be the three most important criteria when buying a new mattress:*

‘Ideal support for the spine’

‘moulds itself to the shape of the body without any painful pressure points’

‘no sweating and no shivering – whatever the season’

The triple formula for better sleep.


Our research shows that the interaction of the following three essential components is important for refreshing sleep: pressure relief, body support and active breathability. Mattresses with GELTEX®inside provide well-balanced combination of these three elements. 

The fusion of elastic gel and breathable foam provides improved pressure relief.

The open micro-cellular structure enables better breathability. Special hygienic treatment reduces bacterial growth. Together, this hygienic treatment and the climatic properties ensure hygienic wellbeing. 

Good elasticity of this material provides improved ergonomic support for your body.

*Our end consumer survey 2013 in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland